About Paul W Brady - Paul W Brady

I grew up in a large family in a small apartment in a large housing project in a very large city (the Dyckman Projects in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan). I attended St Jude’s School, Cardinal Spellman High School and Manhattan College (which is in the Bronx).

I reached maturity (well, I turned 18) during the war in Vietnam. With a very low draft number, I went into the Air Force through ROTC, planning to become a pilot. However, I injured my back and spent several years flying a desk. The USAF did send me to exotic foreign lands (Thailand) and some less glamorous locales (Oklahoma, Northern Maine and Nebraska). I’m a firm believer that travel broadens the mind and living in different parts of the country and other parts of the world has given me a great appreciation for the great diversity of people and the amazing beauty of our world.

I live in Watertown, Connecticut--a beautiful part of the world with four seasons. I am a professional nonprofit association manager (American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut, Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers, Achievement Foundation, Connecticut Power & Energy Society and National Organization of Forensic Social Work). But I am a part-time photographer and I hope to be a full-time photographer as I transition into retirement.

I have a great family and I must have done something right in my life because I've been blessed with three grandchildren.

I should include some discussion about my philosophy or vision of photography. I suppose that I view photography as a way to view the Platonic transcendentals of truth, goodness and beauty. Or, I like pictures that are pretty.

I suppose that I should mention that I am not Paul Brady the famous Irish songwriter and performer. Click here.

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